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Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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Special Report
The Truth Of Singapore Web Hosting Industry

Update Dec 2003: We're Fighting Back !

This is our story.

This web site was up on Aug 1st, 2003 and was listed on Aug 7th, at 21th position for "Singapore web hosting" in Google and Yahoo. We did some SEO tweaking to the site and it climbed to No.4 in 15 days. Further SEO made it to No.1 spot on Sep 10, 2003 for all our target keywords: "Singapore web hosting", "Singapore web design", "Singapore web promotion", among some others.

Then we noticed something. One of the major players of web hosting industry in Singapore set up a new site applying our search engine optimization techniques, even some mistakes, and was doing quite well in Google. It's perfectly ok for us. Actually we sent them a short friendly email to say congratulations.

They ignored our message surprisingly. Many of our competitors are really our good friends. We do not become enemies just because we're competitors. So we thought it's alright to say "congratulations" and "thank you" between competitors like what we do with others... Anyway, we're ok if they regards us as pure competitor.

One day, when I surf around their site, there's one page that drew my attention. On that page they say:

"However, there are others who may be dishonest with you claiming they have nothing to do with the parent hosting company and is only providing their own services. You may find it even more ironical when someone claimed to be selling web hosting services in Singapore but had their web hosting package pricing rate in USD. Even worse, the site may just be a promotion site for that particular web hosting company he is reselling for, where he is earning money through you as you are act as a referral to them."

Well, this is simply not true.

Let me put these two points up front:

  • We're not sure if they're referring to this web site, but it's possible
  • Please anyone let us know if it's against copyright law to quote a paragraph from other's web site to explain something. We'll correct it immediately. We don't think so though.

Now let me explain why their statement is not true.

The first sentence we agree. When we start, we state it clearly on this web site, in the special report, on FAQ page, that we're not providing hosting service. We're only recommending an excellent hosting company in US. End users will be their customers, not ours.

Now what's wrong to have hosting price in US$? Some Singapore hosting service providers have or rent servers in US and quote price directly in US$. Most credit card processing companies only process transactions in US$ and anyone using these services would rather let customers know what's the exact charges. In some cases, like what we do on this site, customers are dealing with a US provider directly. There's nothing dishonest. There's nothing wrong.

If you've ever tried to pay to get listed in Yahoo Singapore, you should know they charge US$299 for reviewing. Anyone ever suspects Yahoo Singapore is being dishonest?

Now comes to "earning money" part. What's wrong with promoting another company, a good company, in exchange for some benefit? I'm sure everyone's heard of a thing called "advertising". You pay another party - cash or some sort of benefit - to promote your own products or services. Why it's worse? Or why it's bad in the first place?

Again, we state clearly on FAQ page, we recommend the hosting company we ourselves use and trust, in exchange they give us free hosting accounts. Will this hurt end users? No, customers get the same price - whether you go there through this web site or not. You get the same service, same price. This is truly win-win-win situation.

Anyone claiming this is not right, does not really understand e-commerce. You can learn how affiliate programs work on the Internet by reading this article.

Finally, and most importantly, is this an valid excuse for them to charge TEN TIMES MORE for the same services?

The web hosting service we recommend charges US$7.95 (less than S$14) flat fee per month for 800MB storage/40G bandwidth. And guess how much that Singapore big boy charges? S$45 for 200MB or S$108 for 600MB ! It's a reasonable estimate then they're charging around S$145 for 800MB. You do the calculation.

Of course, I've to admit, they have every right to choose their own pricing structure. That's not the problem. But it does not mean others that provide cheaper services are bad or worse. Don't you think that's actually whole lot better? You may find the cheaper ones directly or through third party. It does not matter. You have the same price and service.

We don't think it's logical to say this: "We have to charge much higher because you come direct to us."

If advertising or promoting other's businesses is bad, MediaCorp can close down. SPH should not exist.

Come back to the topic. We, Small Fish, Are Fighting Back!

We did careful research. We got our own local server. And we found that we can offer hosting services at much better price. We're offering 100MB for S$6.97, up to 500MB for S$24.97 here. Not as good as the US provider but we are trying our best to provide cheap and reliable web hosting services.

Actually we also found a couple of other smaller local hosts offering good values. Things are changing. 100 bucks per month is way too expensive in our opinion.

This is the beauty of competition, isn't it? :-)

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The Truth Of Singapore Web Hosting Industry

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