Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore 1st Singapore Web Hosting
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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Special Report
The Truth Of Singapore Web Hosting Industry

Update Dec 2003: We're Fighting Back !
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If you have ever looked for web hosting services in Singapore, like what we did before, you will be amazed at the chaos of this industry.

There're hundreds of Singapore-based web hosting companies out there offering varies hosting packages. It seems that you have plenty of options while shopping around for your business web site. But the truth is, more often than not, you will get lost wondering which package you should go for.

Do a search at Google or Yahoo for "Singapore web hosting", you will get a long list of web hosting companies (among which 1st Singapore Web Hosting is ranked at No. 1 by the way :-). After a more careful study, you will find that the price for basically the same service varies from S$20 to S$120 per month! There's no standard market price!

Most companies offer dozens of options, ranging from 10MB storage/0.5GB bandwidth for S$10 per month, to 100MB/3GB for S$25, to 300MB/10GB for S$80... But the problem is, how could you know how much storage/bandwidth you will need and therefore are able to make a cost effective choice when your site has not been up and running yet?

This could be a trap if you don't think carefully. You may end up upgrading a couple of times as your online business grows. At the end of the day, you may have to pay 100 dollars per month for your hosting service. This is way too expensive!

Ridiculously expensive, compared to international standard.

For instance, the US hosting service we recommend before we start our own hosting services charges US$7.95 (less than S$14) flat fee per month for 800MB storage/40G bandwidth (and much more features). A quick check at the top 10 Singapore-based web hosting companies (except for our site:-) returned by Google reveals that, for the same amount of storage and bandwidth, you may have to pay up to S$200 if you choose to host with them.

And nine out of these ten charge a un-refundable setup fee!

Some of them indicate they offer "unlimited traffic" at their homepage or product pages, but in the 10-page-long "Acceptable Usage Policy", there's a line saying "unlimited traffic doesn't guarantee unlimited bandwidth". Translation: you may be asked to upgrade and pay more every now and then until they feel happy with the amount of money they earn from you.

If you see someone offering "unlimited storage", you should ask them "Hey can I host 2,000GB pages?" :-)

This is ridiculous. You just can not find one single web hosting service who offers a simple yet powerful package large enough for all your future business needs for an affordable price!

Frustrating, isn't it?!

Take us as an example. Before we started offering web site design services in Singapore two years ago, all our online businesses was targeting at International customers, most of which are US customers. Naturally, all our sites were, and still are, hosted by US web hosting providers.

Our first web design client from Singapore wanted to provide streaming videos for their visitors. We were not so sure how much bandwidth we would need since one single visitor could mean several MB data transfer or more - up to 30MB. Given the size of the site, it had a good potential to attract lots of visitors.

Here came the tough situation. We found a couple of hosting companies in Singapore who provide streaming media capabilities with entry price of around S$30 per month. But if the site really gets popular, we might easily find ourselves paying S$200-300 per month, which was far more than affordable for our client.

We failed to find a better deal.

Finally, we hosted it on the US server we normally use that provides streaming media capability and enough bandwidth for only S$14 per month.

It makes no difference for end users. Average surfers won't realize they're accessing a Singapore site on a US server. But it took some time to convince the directors of the client why we should do this since our client is a totally local non-profit organization.

Since then, we haven't seen any improvement in the web hosting industry of Singapore. The price is still extremely high - for no reason. We don't bother to host our sites or our customers' here now even though we ourselves are based in Singapore. It doesn't make sense to pay several times more to get less capabilities.

There're also other not-so-good experiences while dealing with local hosting companies.

Many of the "advanced" features can only be activated by request. We didn't realize this when we started an account, only found that we had to contact them when we wanted to use the feature and got the feature activated three days later. This is not fair. We paid for it and it should be ready in place from day one - even if we don't use it.

These "advanced" features can be as simple as SSI or CGI-BIN, by the way.

It's strange to ask for permission or get approval to use something we have paid for!

Another annoying thing is that, some support staffs are not very sure how to get things done. Often, we have to tell them how to tweak the server configurations. That's dangerous, to say the least. We are not computer engineers. What if we are wrong? But what can we do if the support people just couldn't make it?

We're also tired of the tedious process to change something...

And this is the reason we started this site - 1st Singapore Web Hosting to recommend a much more powerful, affordable alternative to all Singapore businesses and individuals. We don't run servers ourselves. We don't sell web hosting service. We are not a reseller of any hosting company.

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( We do provide our own web hosting service now)