Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

About 1st Singapore Web Hosting

Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore 1st Singapore Web Hosting
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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 About 1st Singapore Web Hosting

1stSingaporeWebHosting is web service division of Silver Media Singapore (RCB No. 53008942D). We provide web hosting, web site design, web promotion & Internet marketing and search engine optimization services.

Equipped with state of the art servers, hardware and software, we offer affordable and reliable web hosting services to small and medium sized businesses and individuals in Singapore and Asia.

Why choose 1st Singapore Web Hosting?

First things first, we offer cheapest web hosting plans on fast, reliable servers located in STIX-EXPAN Singapore, Asia's largest Internet backbone. We specialize in providing budget web hosting to small and medium sized companies and individuals.

We have lesser customers than the big web hosts that have been around for ages, and we don't intend to go that big. Therefore, you get more personal, patient and friendly support.

We will tell you what we know and help you with our very best.

If you ever feel that you are unsatisfied with our hosting service, and would like to leave, we will not ask any questions. We will let you leave in peace. We will also refund you for the months not used.

We also offer a 30 days money back guarantee on our hosting plan, so that you can be totally satisfied with your decision. We hope to build long term relationships with our customers.

We also specialize in "Traffic & Results Optimized" web site design and Internet marketing.

By saying "Traffic & Results Optimized" web site design, we mean these:

  • We make sure each and every page of your site is search engine friendly so that you get prospects from search engines for free
  • We make sure your site is user friendly so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for
  • We integrate proven, powerful Internet marketing techniques into your Web business
  • We work closely with you to make sure your contents are enticing visitors to buy your products and services
  • We layout complete online marketing plan - you can either excuate it yourself or hire us to do the work
  • We do not build a fancy site and leave clients alone wondering why they are not attracting any visitors and buyers
  • We do not suggest clients to spend tons of hard earned cash on TV commercials or newspaper ads - We believe successful online businesses generate traffic and revenue by and for themselves

We have been running online businesses successfully for 3 years. Each and every of our web sites are making money for us. We never spend a dime on offline advertising. We've been there, done that. We know how online business works. We live on the Internet.

We are not a big company. We don't have luxury office. Never will we intend to. We don't even try to catch up with the latest desktop/laptop/monitors.

We sell our skills and knowledge. We are one of the few who know web site design and promotion inside out.

We don't pretend to be a big company offering turnkey solutions to you.

We are only good at designing and marketing web sites to miximize your traffic and sales.

Seeing is believing...

Chances are, you found us from search engine, am I right?

Currently, 1st Singapore Web Hosting is listed at No. 1 spot at Google and Yahoo for all of our target keywords: "Singapore web hosting", " Singapore web design", "Singapore web promotion", "web hosting in Singapore", "web design Singapore"...

Please also note that we don't have the finacial strength, manpower, resources... as our major competitors do. Many big companies in Singapore are fighting for these top spots - as you can imagine.

Our site is ranked at No. 1 simply because we know search engine optimization and online marketing better than others.

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