Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

No Matter What Business You Are In, You Need A Web Site

Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore 1st Singapore Web Hosting
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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Why Do You Need A Web Site In The First Place?

It may not be too late if you're still asking this question now. However, if you ask this again one or two years later, chances are, you would be out already.

No matter what business you are in, online or off, you need a web site. As simple as that.

With a web site, your business will be "open" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The goal is not only a web presence. You are able to sell your products or services directly at your web site.

More and more people are shopping via the web because of its convenience and to save time. Here're the facts:

  • Online travel booking accounts for 25% of the $8 billion in total online revenues now.
  • Travelers like the convenience, speed and savings of booking online.
  • In just 5 years, online book sales will grow 2,400 percent.
  • People in the US buy $18.2 billion in PC products online every year. That accounts for 39% of the market.
  • US online broker accounts represent more than $3 trillion - about 19% of total retail investment.
  • US online users will account for 75 percent of all expected US retail spending (both online and offline) in 2005, up from 43 percent in 1999.

Singapore is no exception.

With online business, you have, at least, these advantages:

Wider Potential Market

For the first time, evryone can reach a worldwide market.

Billions of people are surfing around everyday. And a rapidly increasing number of people around the world use Internet to purchase items they can't find locally or just don't care where the product is shipped from, as long as they want it.

If you're fast on your feet, you have the opportunity to make some of them your customers. Think about it. The Internet provides a small business in Peoria, Illinois, or Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the opportunity to be a global player, with little expenditure except time given to learning.

Your existing and new customers can find you and/or your products from anywhere. A global opportunity awaits you! Isn't it exciting?

Lower Costs

If you already have products or services to sell, what's the initial cost to put up a web site to sell it? Here's a round down:

  • Domain name registration, $8-35 per year
  • Web hosting, $0-35 per month
  • Advertising, $0-100

And that's it.

Actually you can get everything done for free except domain name registration. So the minimum cost to start selling online is $8!

I mean it, everything. And in a professional way. Web hosting (without ad banner), affiliate program management, credit card processing, mailing list, CGI script...

Even if you would buy all the most professional and expensive services and software right from beginning of your online venture, it shouldn't cost you more than one thousand dollars.

Online business is much cheaper to run as well. You don't have to pay for extra office space or equipment. You don't have to employ anyone to take care of your online business before you make 1 million dollars.

Once you put everything onto autopilot, your running cost will be nearly zero.

By-pass Middleman

Internet was regarded as advertising medium several years ago. It's not the case any more. A web site is now better understood as place of doing actual business, actual transactions.

Online direct sales enables you to jump any distribution chain that ratchets up prices to the end user. It means much higher profit margin for you, lower price for your customer, or both.

In traditional business world, distribution and retail cost can be up to 90% of the selling price! Now you can pass part of that savings to your customer and keep the rest in your own pocket.

In fact, a really scary development to many manufacturers is the growing temptation to sell directly on the Web and by-pass the complex distribution chain they have built over many years. The manufacturer doesn't want to anger distributors and dealers. But buyers don't care. Neither do you.

Sales Process Automation

Nearly everything can be put onto autopilot for an online business.

From product presentation (the site itself), information enquires, price quotation, to payment processing, order fulfillment, customer service, just to name a few. Even the profit will go into your bank account automatically!

All these can be done while you are sleeping or enjoying happy time with your family at beach!

This is rather impossible for off-line business.

It then translates to more leisure time, or better, more time and opportunities to develop your next online project. Therefore, more money ahead.

Above all, automation itself means much higher profit margin. You don't have to spend time or money on routine operations. You don't have to employ anyone to run it. It runs by itself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

By using an e-commerce storefront solution, your business is open 24 hours a day - your customers can purchase immediately - they don't have to wait until you "open".

Multiple Income Streams And Unlimited Profit Potential

This is the natural result of advantages discussed above.

Automation frees up your valuable time and makes it possible for you to repeat the success time and time again. Over time, you will be able to build multiple web sites selling different product lines.

Even if one of them couldn't pull in orders after some time due to saturated market, you can rest assured that you have other income generators still making money for you.

A worldwide market enables you to exploit varies product ideas. Your imagination is the only limit.

Short Summary

I can easily name more advantages of Internet business: test and adjust your marketing methods fast, don't need to talk to strangers, you can start as a hobby first while keeping your full-time job, you can work when you want to (if you are as lazy as I am, you should know what I mean)...you have the idea.

What more can you expect?

Just go online!

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