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Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

Drive Targeted We Site Traffic By Writing Articles

Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore 1st Singapore Web Hosting
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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How To Drive Targeted Traffic By Writing Articles?

Many web sites are facing this problem: no visitor, no sale.

How would you like to Reach Million Of People with your products or services...for FREE?

That is exactly what happens when you start writing articles for ezines and web sites. There are tens of thousands of ezine publishers and web site owners online and almost all of them have one thing in common: they are all looking for good content.

If you have good content (not a sales letter cloaked as an article), then give them exactly what they need. Then, they will give you what you need in exchange: traffic and customers.

Every article comes with a resource box attached at the end of it. While your article should not be a sales letter of your business, your 4 to 6 line resource box should be an outright ad for you and your business. You are free to advertise your web site, your products, your services, or any affiliate program that you are a member of.

The resource box could be something like this:

Article by Zac Hewlett at 1stSingaporeWebHosting
Visit http://www.1stSingaporeWebHosting.com for more
web site design and promotion articles, proven online
marketing tips and techniques.

And there comes the best part. Your articles posted at other web sites (most ezine articles will be posted on the Internet as archive) will be there for a long time, generating leads and high quality inbound links to your site! Since search engines are taking link popularity as the most important factor while determine page ranking, the articles will help you get much higher positions.

You gain these benefits at no cost to you.

You can go one step further. Why not give them permission to pass down your articles to others who can publish it as well? What about the articles, reviews and other original content your create for your web site? Give visitors permission to use them at their sites as long as the resource box is attached.

By the way, feel free to use any articles at this site in your publication or web site. They are pre-licensed to you. The only requirement is to include the above resource box ;-)

Web site hosting articles
Web site design articles
Web site promotion articles

Or, you can simply link to these articles if you feel your visitors may benefit from the information.

You may say that you are not a writer. Well, that just doesn't matter. The writing style online is not that of English professors. In fact, most Internet marketing experts would suggest you to write in a personalized style.

Since the technology we are using seems so cold and impersonal, your readers are seeking someone who is real, who makes mistakes. You'd better write in a conversational tone just like chatting with a friend over a cup of Tiger;-)

So write about a topic you know, find a large section of ezine publishers with their name and contact emails. Send your articles to them with a short personalized cover paragraph at the top. It would be good enough if 20% ezine publishers use your articles in their ezines or web sites.

Then repeat it again and again!

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