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Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

Build Inbound Links To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore 1st Singapore Web Hosting
Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore Web Hosting Service, Web Site Design, Web Site Promotion In Singapore

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The Strategy That Will Pay You Off For Years

Where do you go whenever you want to search for something on the Internet? Search engines? You're not alone. More than 80% people do that.

That's why search engines are the most awesome way to build traffic to your web site without having to spend your hard earned dollars. If you come up on top, you get thousands of hits.

Search engines, especially Google, place high emphasis on links to your site in assigning a good ranking. Simply put, other things remaining the same, More Inbound Links Means Higher Ranking.

This factor is becoming more and more important and it makes perfect sense. The quality of a site can be largely reflected by the number of webmasters who think the site is great and therefore are linking to it.

Linking strategies are an essential type of site promotion. The more links pointing to your site, the more traffic you'll receive, and the greater perceived link popularity which will rank your site higher in the search engines.

Building links takes long time, and money sometimes, but it will pay you off for years to come.

To get someone to link to your site you need to ask. The simplest way is to find complementary sites, link to them on a links page, and ask them to link back to you. If you develop a strong content oriented site you can persuade thousands of other webmasters to link to you even without linking back to them.

The key is to develop great content people want to link to. No one will link to a nothing site. You have to give them some reason to link to you. What's the benefit for them to link to your site? Is your site helpful for their visitors? Do you have a freebie for their visitors to download?

And then get out there and make the contacts by visiting sites, sending out personalized emails to webmasters.

Find your competitor's sites and other sites in your industry. Then, use search engines to find out everyone who is linking to them. To find out who is linking to a site in Google, type in "link:http://www.website.com" in the search box with "website.com" being the name of the web site which you would like to do research on. Then, the search engine will bring up all the links that are going to this site.

Now, visit each of the pages that come up, examine them, and then send an email to the webmaster asking for a link. Since they are already linking to similar sites, you have a very good chance to get it as well if you have developed great content.

You have to personalize the email showing them you did visit their site and feel your site is of value for their visitors. Explain the benefit of linking to you for their visitors. No one will link to you because YOU need it. They will do that only if your site provides benefits for their customers and visitors.

In the email, start with a very brief description of your site's content and how it relates to their site. Then provide the exact URL of their page you think the link would be most beneficial. Show them that you've actually visited the site and given some thought to the link. Finally, give the HTML code for the link so the webmaster can cut and paste it directly into his page code. That gives you some control over the link placement and lets you include your keywords into the link text.

Although it sounds really simple, this is a rather time consuming task. However, it can be one of the most powerful techniques you will ever use in building up your online business. Once you have an established number of links to your site, it will be ranked much higher in search engines, you will have continuous traffic for whatever you want to do.

You can never have too much links to you. So send out email and ask for links whenever you have some spare time. Nothing will happen unless you take the initiative and do something today!

Note: If your site is about web hosting,  web site design, online promotion, Singapore business resources, or other relevant information, we will be glad to add your link in our Resources And Links Page.

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